City Garden Apartment in Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh city

hinh mark lansing

His name is Mark Lansing, but all his acquaintances in the advertising world call him Mark ‘Renting’. Simply because every time he meets anyone, the first question he asks is “Know any good place for rent? I’m looking for a place to rent.”

Then without waiting for answers, he immediately begins his standard speech, “I rent a house with 2 floors near District 1. It’s beautiful, comfortable, spacious and close to the center. But we have big problems.

The neighbor’s dog! It barks every morning at 6 am. My wife and I never sleep well. I ask the landlord constantly to do something about it, but nothing ever changes, the barking goes on and on. It’s so frustrating! I want to leave but I have a three month deposit and also no idea where to move to next”. Mark finishes his beer and leaves with one question, “If you know anywhere good for rent, call me!”

Mark’s situation is a regular topic for patrons of the The Mug Bar. As Mark sits at the bar, his rental tales are endless: “Once, I ventured to a more remote area hoping to change my luck.

city garden apartment

I took a location scout to District 7. This did not work out so well, we were caught in heavy traffic jams, I just sat in the cab counting motorcycles. I got to 362 then caught a “xe om” home.

“And that’s not all,” Mark continues, “You wouldn’t believe it, next to my house there’s now a new karaoke bar. Unbelievable! They sing so loud but not nice at all! The quieter the night, the louder they sing, it seems.

Sad, noisy, drunken songs. My poor family has to wear earplugs or hide under their blankets.  The same as those birds… what are they called? Ah! Ostriches”. The whole bar laughs out loud as Mark shakes his head in desperation.

Then one day, he comes back to the bar a changed man, with a whole different story. Looking refreshed and enlightened, Mark announces, “Hey. You guys can forget the name Mark ‘Renting’ from now on.

I found a great new place right next to District 1. Guess where, City Garden apartment ! It’s those beautiful elliptical buildings you can see surrounded by green trees. I’ve got a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment with a beautiful interior and balcony. What a relief!  Talk about peaceful living.

I’m surrounded by beautiful resort style gardens, and the Saigon river flows peacefully by my window. I can let my son enjoy the outdoors without worrying about his safety. And do you know the best thing about it, guys? No dog barking! No traffic! And no drunken karaoke! Paradise for me! There’s no need to fly to Phu Quoc!

It’s pretty much in District 1, only 5 minutes away. One more thing you wouldn’t believe.  Because I’m so central, I’m the first guy in the office every day. My staff is still in shock.”

“So my tip, if you want to make a life in Saigon, rent a place at City Garden” – Mark finishes his beer and shakes his head – “Oh My God! I’m talking ‘rental’ again!”


City garden apartment for rent

Bán căn hộ City Garden

Cho thuê căn hộ City Garden


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